Suggestion for 6.27.1

Jason Stevens jastev at
Sun Jan 8 13:29:21 PST 2006

For folks who succumb to the mindless tedium of copying and pasting from 
the grey boxes to their shell, it would be easy to execute

env PAGE=[paper_size] \
     ./configure --prefix=/usr

which is not going to yield happy results.  I suggest you use your "red 
box" paradigm on the preceding paragraph:

" Groff expects the environment variable PAGE  to contain the default 
paper size. For users in the United States, PAGE=letter is appropriate. 
Elsewhere, PAGE=A4 may be more suitable."

in order to alert people who may be, ah, "skimming" the explanatory text 
that they should pay attention.

The same thing is probably in order for the last paragraph of 6.45 (grub).

Finally, you may want to use a similar approach (but perhaps a different 
color, or some other distinguishing style) for optional items.  Examples 
are the locale installs, tex and the /usr/share/info/dir recreation in 
6.34.1 (texinfo), the "if reinstalling bzip2" stanza in 6.40, the PCRE 
libs in 6.44.1 (grep), etc.


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