Tree of HLFS base?

Bennett Todd bet at
Sun Jan 8 11:59:27 PST 2006

2006-01-08T08:49:01 Jason Stevens:
> Bennett Todd wrote:
> >An easy way to get a minimal system is a kernel plus busybox; if
> >you're adamant about omitting every utility you don't actually have
> >to have, you can use busybox's configuration system to omit all the
> >modules you decide you don't want.
> Perfect.  Any tips on building it under HLFS?

I'm sorry, I've not actually built an HLFS, I mostly lurk,
interested in stuff you're doing. My own distro (Bent) is strongly
inspired by LFS (read, I couldn't have done it without LFS), but
departs in many ways; strong software packaging, uClibc instead
of glibc, static linking only, no dynamic linking or support for
dynamic loading, no i18n.

That said, I'm not sure any special hints would be needed for
busybox under HLFS; Bent Linux is probably a bit more
off-the-beaten-path than HLFS and my busybox spec (appended) doesn't
seem to have any platform-specific arcana.

> >Bash is part of a decadent system.
> I love the nomenclature.  Perhaps we should call your alternative 
> "ascetic linux".  ;)

I should, I think. I've been known to call it my mid-life crisis
project, and my sound bite is, Unix as I grew to love her around
1980, when both she and I were a lot younger, slimmer, and


pkg busybox-1.01


build \
    tar xjf busybox-1.01.tar.bz2
    cd busybox-1.01
    make distclean
    cp ../busybox-1.01-config .config
    ( cat docs/busybox_header.pod; \
        ./docs/ include/usage.h; \
        cat docs/busybox_footer.pod ) > docs/busybox.pod
    mkdir -p $BPM_ROOT/usr/share/man/man8
    make PREFIX=$BPM_ROOT install-hardlinks
    pod2man docs/busybox.pod >$BPM_ROOT/usr/share/man/man8/busybox.8

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