Tree of HLFS base?

Jason Stevens jastev at
Sun Jan 8 00:22:39 PST 2006

Robert Connolly wrote:
> The most advisable way to construct a server system would be to build a 
> complete hlfs system first, as a mother system. Then follow something like 
> the boot-floppy howto, copying programs and libraries you want to an image or 
> tarball. This was you have a proper mother system, and you can avoid 
> installing development docs, headers, and other unneeded files to the server. 

I figured something like this would be true.  Thanks for the tip on the 
HOWTO.  My first google searches turned up some rather ancient (~2000) 
docs, that referred readers to LFS for more info ;)

> It can all be done from the chroot without rebooting to the mother system, 
> and /mnt/hlfs wouldn't need to be on its own partition either.

Good point.  In my admittedly special case, however, I'm building 
/mnt/hlfs inside a VM, so the "partition" ends up being a file on the 
host system.  The nice things about this are that (a) it can be 
versioned, and (b) I can easily mount it on any other VM that I want to 
build out.


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