Tree of HLFS base?

Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Jan 8 00:08:38 PST 2006

The most advisable way to construct a server system would be to build a 
complete hlfs system first, as a mother system. Then follow something like 
the boot-floppy howto, copying programs and libraries you want to an image or 
tarball. This was you have a proper mother system, and you can avoid 
installing development docs, headers, and other unneeded files to the server. 
It can all be done from the chroot without rebooting to the mother system, 
and /mnt/hlfs wouldn't need to be on its own partition either.


On January 7, 2006 02:39 pm, Jason Stevens wrote:
> Does anyone have a tree of all files installed as part of the HLFS base?
>   IE, find / -print?  It would be useful for educational purposes,
> especially to peruse while I'm waiting for some of these packages to
> compile...  ;)
> Also, if anyone has a recommendation for a particularly good reference
> towards building really minimal systems (ie, what's the min in order to
> be able to boot a system and have root be able to login to the console
> with bash), that would be handy.  Since there's no good reason for my
> final system to have things like Perl on it (or even a compiler), I'd
> just as soon not have those there.
> Thanks,
> -jps

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