module-init-tools, misplaced man pages

George Boudreau GeorgeB at
Tue Jan 3 13:32:16 PST 2006

   Am I the only one who ends up with the man pages from
module-init-tools ending up in /share/man ..
  --prefix=""  forces an install off of root but also diddles the man
pages install..

>>> From the makefile ..(reformatted for clarity)
# If they haven't overridden mandir, fix it (never /man!)
mandir =
if [ ${prefix}/man = $(prefix)/man ]; then
    if [ $(prefix) = / ]; then
	echo /usr/share/man;
	echo $(prefix)/share/man;    <<<
    echo ${prefix}/man;
) possible solution  (from DIY-Linux)
  make mandir=/usr/share/man install

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