Xorg 7, Mesa, and uClibc

Kevin Day drealin01 at cox.net
Tue Jan 3 06:22:22 PST 2006

As far as I can tell, The mesa packages are split up into a few groups.
When they are all extracted, they are each extracted to the same
location, this seems to be some form of modular installation idea:
MesaLib-6.4.1 = extracted by itself to Mesa-6.4.1 (minimal dependancy)
if MesaDemos-6.4.1 is extracted (to the same Mesa-6.4.1), the Mesa
makefile seems to detect this and attempt to build the demos as well.

For now, I have been compiling the glxgears.c and glxinfo.c from the
directories: Mesa-6.4.1/progs/xdemos to perform quick tests on my
Direct Rendering Capabilities. (gcc glxgears.c -o glxgears -lGL && gcc
glxinfo.c -o glxinfo -lGL -lGLU)
There may be something those commands are missing that are needed to
add direct rendering support?

Now, my MesaLib has been compiled using the 'make linux' or 'make
linux-x86' commands.  These seem to work fine, independent from Xorg.
However, I have failed to get Direct Rendering Support to work.
Declan Moriarty, has pointed out that I should try 'make linux-dri' or
'make linux-dri-x86'

As Declan Moriarty also pointed out, those commands seem to fail when
using a system built form some form of my modular-installation script.

Now, according to the Xorg-Modular Documentation, the old monolithic
build style should not be needed anymore and Mesa should be able to be
built outside of the Xorg tree.

When I compiled (or attempted to) the 'make linux-dri' and 'make
linux-dri-x86' I found that Mesa depends on Xorg files that are part of
the monolithic tree.  Namely, the makedepend program.  My scripts
ignore those programs/libraries as even Xorg-Modular claim they are
depreciated and provided only for backward compatibility.

It seems that those programs will need to be installed afterall to make
Mesa happy.

Another potential problem is that the radeon video cards me and Declan
Moriarty are using, require the in-kernel DRM/DRI Module.  Which is has
been constantly being changed in the 2.6.10+ kernels.. Which may be
part of our problem.  The just release 2.6.15 actually reverts some
code that may be causing a problem with Xorg. This could be the
direct rendering problem I am experiencing.

On those notes, I will be making a core/empty system that has minimal
system libraries, and I will find all of the dependencies needed and do
a complete rewrite of my script.  Which will be broken up into the
dependencies that are needed.  Xorg-Modular no longer forcefully
includes certain programs, which become new dependencies, so even the
BLFS dependency list may be outdated here (somewhat).

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