Need to be Update , Windows Update 21.Feb.06

Kevin Day drealin01 at
Wed Feb 22 08:41:36 PST 2006

> Microsoft Corporation napisa?(a):
> > This mail has been sent to all windows users.
> > This is our last update that must be to all windows users. We Are Changing too many things.
> > This file need to be in your computer for your security.
> > Our Sponsor SpeedyShare.Com uploaded it.
> > Qitu linkun
> (I'm sorry, I ussually don't comment spam, but this one made me laugh ;)
> So come on hlfs users! drop the grsec-kernel make configs, iptable 
> scripts and patches, let's install the file via wine or quemu, Our 
> security's at stake here :D
> And hurray for M$s sponsor! let the world know which one is the most 
> powerfull company, I bet they sponsor IBM, Intel, Apple, Sun and the 
> others alike ;]

I just hope the admins delete this crap off the hlfs mail-server.

Though I wonder how many windows users are fooled by such mails and take their systems down installing this probable virus/spyware. I guess it'll appear on the news soon enough. (Windows users crash yet again..)

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