Problem installing uClib.

Justin Knierim lfs at
Tue Feb 14 11:29:31 PST 2006

Robert Connolly wrote:
> Second, uClibc-locale-030818.tgz should not be  bz2, I realize the package 
> mirrors do this, but uclibc expects to find this file as a .tgz. Most of the 
> compile errors are because the locales package/file is not being found.
I'm sorry, I have never heard anything about this until now.  The policy 
on packages on the mirrors is that they are in bz2 format, unless a 
package/book expects the original format (the groff patch in LFS 
development is still gz for this reason) or other problems happen with 
the re-compression.

Please contact me for any such problems so that I can fix it.  No reason 
to have users having problems over a simple file format change.

I will revert the uClibc-locale package to tgz format later today.


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