The build of SVN-20060122 uClibc hlfs

Dimitry Naldayev dimitryn at
Sun Feb 12 12:29:53 PST 2006

Declan Moriarty <junk_mail at> writes:

> Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
>> Hello I have built uClibc HLFS version SVN-20060122 The build
>> logs aviable here:
>> Are there general recommendations about building software from
>> blfs book on the top of the uClibc HLFS system? ie do I need
>> modify build instruction from BLFS book ?
> Only when thing won't compile :-P
As I notice, HLFS (at least uClibc version) tend to do

sed -e 's/^CFLAGS .*$/& -pie -fpie/' -i

or something like this for practicaly every package (but there was 
a few exceptions as I remember)

Do I need apply this to BLFS packages? Are there general rule for this?

> Also , you may have noticed the recent discussion of UTF-8.

I probably miss this discusion ;-/ but I do not UTF-8 at present time.
Usually I use ru_RU.KOI8-R but I can live with pure POSIX locale 
(hmm.... in last case it probably better build system without nls at all)
> Then, when you get something that barfs badly, and fix it, tell us
> how you managed.

Ok (:


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