UTF-8 in BLFS Wiki

Kevin Day drealin01 at cox.net
Fri Feb 10 17:50:37 PST 2006

> hardened server. Once you start into X apps, my experience has
> been that you can do as much work as you like and tell the list,
> and you won't get flamed. But it might never go into the book.
That is definately true, I hav a bad habit of making myself an easy flame target..

However, I have a huge problem with what has been said in the last few posts. (under uClibc only)

Heres the problem:  It seems that uClibc does not yet fully support iso8859-1 or any other types. Instead I have noticed that iso8859-1 is simply more of a symbolic link to UTF8.

I noticed this when I tried to run SAMBA on my system, using an smb.conf file I have already used. In there, I have the codec set to ISO8859-1.
Samba spits out hell, when I changed it to UTF8, samba had no problem.  I further noticed UTF8 in other places where I thought I had force iso8859-1.

Perhaps I missed something?  HLFS does not focus on UTF8 in any way, but uClibc seems to only fully supply UTF8, unless I screwed up in style..

If you can prove me wrong and show me how to NOT get UTF8, I'd be glad as it was not my goal. I'm fine with iso8859-1.

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