Dermot Bradley tangram at nildram.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 03:35:16 PST 2006

> Robert Connolly wrote:
>> Waiting for version 4.1.
> Yes, but why?

A quick Google on "gcc 4.1" found this:

I guess these are the relevant 4.1 changes for HLFS:

*  GCC can now emit code for protecting applications from stack-smashing
attacks. The protection is realized by buffer overflow detection and
reordering of stack variables to avoid pointer corruption.

* Some built-in functions have been fortified to protect them against
various buffer overflow (and format string) vulnerabilities. Compared to
the mudflap bounds checking feature, the safe builtins have far smaller
overhead. This means that programs built using safe builtins should not
experience any measurable slowdown.

> I'm going to be going through it today and applying the general build
> method from CLFS along with your fixes for uClibc and see what I get.

I'd be interested in hearing how you get on - I'm using HLFS-uClibc
currently and want to build for various i86 platforms (Intel/Athlon/Via)
on the one machine.

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