dumb this down - sorted.

Kevin Day drealin01 at cox.net
Thu Feb 2 10:24:12 PST 2006

> I finally discovered paxctl, which allows you to fart about with
> settings on a per-binary basis.
If that is the case, then many of the problems are grsec related. (there are numerous problems with grsec, xorg, and other major programs in the past...its usually more of the other programs fault for not considering security or just being very old than it is grsec)

Perhaps trying a non-grsec kernel, may help weed out some problems, and recompiling the kernel means you only have to reboot to revert to the other system. (assuming you saved the other kernel image and modules in /lib/modules)

> paxctl -m /usr/local/bin/stellarium gets me a nice view of the
Im not familiar with stellarium. What is this?
(something to do with space? (stellar))

> outside world. A similar command even sorted glxgears.
> glxgears is giving me a (fairly lousy) 580 fps, but it's early
what does "glxinfo | grep render" return?

Simply speaking, 500fps should never be a good value from glxgears.  I believe the desired minnimum is about 1200fps?

It is possible, given $(numerous unfavorable opinions) in how much of the hardware accelerated code is, that vesa produces higher fps.

You told me you had a radeon?
Instead of having "ati" try "radeon" or vice-versa.  If lucky, you'll find one of these (ati, radeon, vesa) three to produce higher fps..

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