openssl and coreutils and more

mordae mordae at
Sat Dec 9 11:16:54 PST 2006


> So anyway. In coreutils chapter 6 I'm planning to add alternatives 
> for /bin/true and /bin/false for i386 assembly code.
+1, Funny

> Also, the 
> sha/md5 stuff can be replaced by the openssl(1) shell script, which 
> was on hlfs-dev not long ago.
I hear ya;
Shall I autotoolize it, or do you want it as a patch?

> Also, an /sbin/nologin in assembly code would be cool too. Maybe 
> someone here knows assembly enough to get it to print a message to 
> stdout and exit with error?
The message should be configurable and nologin should also write to syslog.
Can you do that in asm?

- Mordae

P.S.: I have notes from my recent build, some bugs found, but I don't have it
by hand.

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