openssl and coreutils and more

Robert Connolly robert at
Mon Dec 4 06:23:45 PST 2006

Hi. I moved the openssl page to chapter 6, and updated the version. I'm 
planning to add the 'bc' package to chapter 5 after dejagnu so that the 
openssl test suite can run. The openssl test suite also depends on flex, so I 
won't remove flex from chapter 5 (although I'm looking at removing util-linux 
from chapter 5, and maybe bison).

So anyway. In coreutils chapter 6 I'm planning to add alternatives 
for /bin/true and /bin/false for i386 assembly code. Also, the sha/md5 stuff 
can be replaced by the openssl(1) shell script, which was on hlfs-dev not 
long ago. Because these things are optional I think it will be best to remove 
the supress-uptime_kill_su patch and use 'make DESTDIR=$(pwd)/destdir 
install'. Then the destdir can be manipulated... files replaced, removed, and 
moved, before they're installed to /usr. The flaw in this plan is that the 
manual, and info, pages for true/false and sha/md5sum will not match the 
programs. Maybe I can just note that on the coreutils page and let 
users/distro_makers edit coreutils.texi for themselves (its straight 

Also, an /sbin/nologin in assembly code would be cool too. Maybe someone here 
knows assembly enough to get it to print a message to stdout and exit with 

My TODO list for the 2.4-branch covers both sides of a post-it, but it's all 
small stuff.

I didn't realize that the glibc-2.5 and binutils-2.17 CVS branches are 
maintained.. they are. So I added "branch_update" patches for each, which 
only includes fixes for bugs for their release (no new features).

I had some luck getting GCC to link to /usr/lib/, from Binutils 
(see my last post). xgcc worked perfectly, but g++ and the 
library didn't work because of unresolved symbols. It should be doable 

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