gcc specs (and weekend update)

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Aug 13 05:18:32 PDT 2006

El Domingo, 13 de Agosto de 2006 13:01, Robert Connolly escribió:

> I started adding colors based on feature, so like ssp commands and
> descriptions and in red, pax patches/commands are in dark blue, pic/pie for
> aslr is in light blue because it's somewhat related to pax. I want to add
> more for fortify_source, blowfish, etc etc. Required stuff is normal black.
> I don't think it looks too lame. I'm hoping it will help us not use some
> features while using others... if you don't want to use blowfish then
> ignore its color.

That means that coloured blocks are optional features?

If so, we need to start working in jhalfs to can activate/deactivate selected 
features (fun, fun).

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