Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 2 15:23:40 PDT 2006

With -fPIC in the gcc specs the --with-pic option makes no difference on i386, 
but it does make a difference on m68k, ppc, and sparc. The gcc specs in 
hlfs-unstable allow -fpic to override -fPIC. The --with-pic options would 
allow the package developers to choose which flag is appropriate. A few BLFS 
packages are using --with-pie now too. Although HLFS only supports i386 right 
now there's no harm in using --with-pic to make things a bit better for 
non-i386 users. There are however a lot of packages which do not 
use --with-pic, like ncurses and zlib. It's also worth noting that almost all 
of the static libraries in hlfs are moved, or removed, and -fPIC on static 
libraries would only serve to slow down statically linked programs (there may 
be special cases, like a Busybox rescue floppy, where someone would want to 
link statically).

So, I'm not quite sure if --with-pic should be added to every package that 
supports it.

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