Fookailure of glibc-2.3.5 testsuite: rt/mqueue8.c when using with kernel

Omar Belakhdar omar.belakhdar at
Thu Sep 22 01:16:02 PDT 2005

Good Morning every one,
I'm new to HLFS and after building the toolchain on a correctly built 
LFS distribution using a kernel, I'm expreiencing a test 
failure with the mqueue8 rt test. I'm also using a user package method 
that help a lot to get the correct logs and errors. But for this failure 
no information is mentionned and the only thing is said is that the make 
failed: .../rt/tst-mqueue8x.out ] Error 1.

I'm using the HLFS SVN-20050731.

Before compiling the glibc I applied all the patches mentionned on that 
book including the fix_test-1 patch.

The LFS system that I'm building on has passed all the tested without 
any problem and is quite stable.

Do I have to consider this problem as critical and rebuild the system 
again although I did that twice and get the same problem?

My kernel configuration is quite simple, no special things are arround 
even USB is not used.

Thanks for your help.
Omar Belakhdar
CH-1020 Switzerland

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