sed-4.1.4 & uClibc-0.9.28, Memory Exhausted.

Kevin Day msu-kday at
Mon Sep 5 07:19:55 PDT 2005

After successful toolchain installation of sed, I then tried to use it in the 
next program and got the following error:
  sed -e: expression #1, char 35: Memory exhausted

My memory usage is was 170mb/512mb.

Looking into uclibc-0.9.28, I only noticed under: General Library Settings--->
  Malloc returns live pointer for malloc(0) (NEW)
which is not set.

Looking into the sed sources, I found 3 files calling malloc and then returning
REF_ESPACE, which seems to be a macro that ends up printing the message I saw.
All of the comparisons I found, compare against NULL, as uClibc claims they

I cannot seem to find the problem here.

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