cannot boot

David Ciecierski davidcie at
Sat Sep 3 13:03:36 PDT 2005

> I've just turned off grsec - will see if that changes anything.

Nope. Still no success. Tmpfs is in the kernel too if anyone wondered... 
Filesystem is allright, as I can mount it from LFS. Will go through 
config again to see if anything else could be missing. And two more 

1. I used udev-068 instead of 064 that is in HLFS book. Do you think it 
might be just the thing that is breaking my system?

2. My bootscrips are based on LFS-3.2.2. But as far as I can tell 3.2.2 
and 3.2.1 are almost identical.

Kind regards,
David Ciecierski

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