Kendrick hlfs at linux2themax.com
Sun Oct 30 07:56:38 PST 2005

Robert Connolly wrote:

>The freenet6 client doesn't use /sbin/ip (it only does partially). When I 
>rescript the template I keep getting "Error configuring tun device /dev/tun : 
>Invalid argument". I tried using linux- and linux-2.6.14 tun 
>I can ping6 between my desktop and firewall fine.
>Freenet6 seems to be one of the best brokers. Their version 2 client works 
>behind a NAT, version 1 doesn't, but version 1 doesn't have the tun errors. 
>They also offer anonymous connections.
>This affects the hint more than HLFS. There are a couple dozen brokers to 
>choose from, and some isps have ipv6.
>Should the ipv6 utils (iputils) fit under 'Chapter 9 Security Tools'? uClibc 
>and kernel should have special notes to enable ipv6. The next release of 
>inetutils should have ping6 (it's in cvs but broken).
I have yet to get freenet6 or a regular tunnel broker to work... I had
goten most of the kinks worked out of freenet but once the link is made
I cant get it to go any where...    tspc -vvv -i sixbone -u sixbone

I have installed the ifconfig stuff as well just for testing and still
does not work.  probably missing somthing stupid though.    hurricane
electric does not require special software it just needs to know your
ipv4 address so dynamic can be a pita if it changes alot

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