Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Oct 30 01:40:45 PDT 2005

The freenet6 client doesn't use /sbin/ip (it only does partially). When I 
rescript the template I keep getting "Error configuring tun device /dev/tun : 
Invalid argument". I tried using linux- and linux-2.6.14 tun 

I can ping6 between my desktop and firewall fine.

Freenet6 seems to be one of the best brokers. Their version 2 client works 
behind a NAT, version 1 doesn't, but version 1 doesn't have the tun errors. 
They also offer anonymous connections.

This affects the hint more than HLFS. There are a couple dozen brokers to 
choose from, and some isps have ipv6.

Should the ipv6 utils (iputils) fit under 'Chapter 9 Security Tools'? uClibc 
and kernel should have special notes to enable ipv6. The next release of 
inetutils should have ping6 (it's in cvs but broken).

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