Bradley Worley geekysuavo at
Thu Oct 27 16:07:54 PDT 2005

from how the code is structured, blowfish should be default after the
compile.  just run passwd(1) so your shadow file will then be
blowfish-encrypted.  (pretty sure you don't want to try to
authenticate an MD5 password with Blowfish.)  ;-)

enjoy yourself,
  ~ brad.

On 10/27/05, Kevin Day <msu-kday at> wrote:
> >  Sorry if I was supposed to go through some patch certification channel or
> something official like that, but I got carried away.  Have at.
> >
> I have been wondering the same thing myself..
> Anyway, is there anything else that need be done after this is installed.
> According to the hint, multiple formats are supported, including Md5.  Do you
> know of anyway to maintain who gets what and how?  (I am assuming blowfish gets
> applied into /etc/shadow passwords by default)
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