virtual memory exhausted (uclibc and linux-2.6.14)

Yerp drealin01 at
Mon Nov 28 20:18:48 PST 2005

> From: brucem128 at
> Date: 2005/11/28 Mon PM 07:47:00 EST
> To: Hardened LFS Development List <hlfs-dev at>
> Subject: Re: virtual memory exhausted (uclibc and linux-2.6.14)
> I managed to build and run xorg without issue. I have not encountered any other problems compiling stuff. 
> Bruce
> > I'm pretty sure this is related to Xorg doing a segfault during building in 
> > xcbuild/lib/X11.
> > 

1) These problems are hard to find due to too many 
developmental wild cards. For starters, uClibc is a huge 
change, then add the Stack-Protection, and finally add an 
entirely PIC based system.

2) I have noticed many strange problems under the basic 
PIC+uClibc+SSP, so I removed PIC+SSP during this testing 
phase.  (PIC was not completely removed as many apps pass 
-fpic on their own..which is left as is)
Any and all SSP patches and PIC patches were removed.
* Note, I discovered that I cannot compile a static non-ssp 
toolchain from a ssp system.  I had to move to a non-ssp 
system to do this.

3) First I recompiled Xorg 7-RC2 modular on a non-ssp system (the old xorg6.8.2 monolith loves to take forevor and crash all of the time).  Which then returned the following error when I call startx: "Cannot Call Assert".
So, I tried again, this time without using PIC patches, hacks, and whatnots.
Xorg stopped compiling and the linker stated that assert was undefined.
So, I first tried including <assert.h> in the affected files, but again, the same error.
Finally, I added the following to each of the files:
#ifndef assert
#define assert(expr) ((void) 0)

startx now works and i can even run xfce 4.2.3. BUT, xterm and other programs still report "Cannot Call Assert".

I think this is strange to never appear on an SSP PIC based system, to partially appear on a non-ssp PIC based to system, and then to mostly appear on a non-ssp mostly-non-PIC (but still *.a free) system.

Any ideas? I am still wondering why xterm and friends manage 
to get linked despite the fact that assert does not seem to 
get put into the binary!

Perhaps we need to know what specific hardware combinations are working and which aren't with xorg and make modules_install. I only have x86 machines available.

One more thing, are we all using the same configuration for the final build of uClibc?  I went in and added as much support as possible as my system is not embedded.  Which means a ton of glibc string support.

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