glibcs's _fileno to uClibc's __filedes

Yerp drealin01 at
Mon Nov 28 16:08:46 PST 2005

I have had a few programs that directly call _fileno from the FILE structure.

After some research into what _fileno is, I have finally identified that uClibc simply renamed "file number" to "file description" to be more accuarate I guess.
The name changes are as follows:

_fileno = __filedes

So, any program that might fail to compile because _fileno is undeclared can be fixed by a simple sed command in the effected code:

sed -i -e 's|_fileno|__filedes|g' path/to/affected.file

*note the TWO underscores on uClibc's version.

The program & file I was working on that needed this fix is:
on the 137'th line, that looks like the following:
if (read(file_sock->_fileno, &header, sizeof(read_header)) <

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