how to setup pppoe connection on embedded linux via ethx?

Steven Geerts Steven.geerts at
Thu Nov 24 23:05:52 PST 2005

Hi all

maybe this question is asked several times, but it's hard to find some
usefull information about this topic?  (or maybe I didn't look wel)

I configured my kernel with pppoe support and downloaded the pppd
package from samba and build it for arm.

How can I set up a pppoe connection on linux via ethx?  I heard also
something about roaring penguin, but I thougth this was nog good because
it is doing some nasty stuff (via pseudo tty???).  Although the plugin
is also included in the pppd package, should I make use of it?

About the pppoe-server there is also some lack of information, so that
information is also welcome.

thanks in advance for your answers.


steven g

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