adapting grsec access

Kevin Day msu-kday at
Thu Nov 3 10:22:26 PST 2005

> It works.
> But thats' odd, how is it possible that I can run a closed source
> binairy on my grsec/ssp system?
> -- 
> Groetjes Japie

Most likely because of your libc.  It matches the same libc as in the binary. 
grsec is kernel security and may not (depending on PAX i believe) directly
effect a the binary and SSP happens during compiled time.  Your binary simply
does not have SSP support.  (unless out of an unusual coincidence they built
their binary with an SSP enabled compiler, and now that GCC-4.* is out this may
be the case.)

What would be truly amazing is if your using uclibc and not glibc.
But wait, perhaps its entirely staticaly built.  If that is the case, its a
pretty big binary, but in theory it should work on any linux system.

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