Linking precompiled binaries

Robert Connolly robert at
Tue May 24 13:38:07 PDT 2005

On May 20, 2005 02:29 pm, mclinden at wrote:
> I suspect the simple solution is to build a non-SSP version of the
> libraries but before I did...
> I am experimenting with the use of precompiled binaries (Oracle) on a HLFS
> server and I am running into the following when I try to relink the
> precompiled binaries:
> /lib/ undefined reference to __guard at GLIBC_2.3.2
> /lib/ undefined reference to
> __stack_smash_handler at GLIBC_2.3.2

This looks to me like you reinstalled from someone else, is that 

> Do I have any other options (like recompiling glibc with backward
> compatibiliy)?

If you reinstall glibc without the fstack-protector patch, but with the ssp 
patch, the above error should go away.


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