multimedia bhlfs notes

Robert Connolly robert at
Mon May 2 08:10:56 PDT 2005

Hi. I installed hlfs-glibc on my workstation. I just want to share my notes 
for some of the packages, mainly the multimedia stuff.

First, arts' mcopidl can't build with ssp, so:
sed -e 's/^KDE_CXXFLAGS .*$/& -fno-stack-protector/' -i mcopidl/

Do not use nasm. It doesn't handle PIC code well, and will certainly cause 
problems with any package that uses it.

kdemultimedia's uses non-pic mmx assembly. So disable mmx:
sed -e 's/MMX_SUPPORT="yes"/MMX_SUPPORT="no"/g' -i configure

divx4linux is binary only, and is not PIC. Nothing we can do about this.

Disable nasm and mmx in libmpeg:
sed -i -e 's:^NASM =.*:NASM =:' \
        -e 's|^HAVE_NASM :=.*|HAVE_NASM=n|' \
        -e 's|USE_MMX = 1|USE_MMX = 0|' \

Disable mmx in imlib2 with ./configure --disable-mmx.

ffmpeg may or may not build for you, it depends on which codec you enable. If 
it fails to make, use --disable-mmx.

Mplayer is a big problem. For now just add -no-pie to CFLAGS, and try not to 
run it as root (fix your dvd drive permissions in udev).

I didn't build mozilla. I added --disable-static where-ever I could. Other 
than that I think everything else is fine. 


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