inetutils vs netkit-base

Bennett Todd bet at
Sat Mar 26 07:55:53 PST 2005

Tastes will of course differ on bits here and there.

I think it's good to lose inetd. If this were a distro rather than a
documentation project:-), I'd say include xinetd but leave it

I agree exactly with your feelings about the stock ftp and telnet

rcp, rlogin, rsh, client and server, should all be violently
deprecated (r* should be replaced, as you said, by ssh), as should
ftpd (the ftp protocol stinks and nobody should offer it). I agree
talk isn't widely used. tftp, however, does continue to be useful in
practice: with dhcp and tftp you can pxe boot modern PCs diskless,
great for automatic network installers. Perfectly appropriate for it
to be an add-on package though, rather than included in the base

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