inetutils vs netkit-base

Robert Connolly robert at
Sat Mar 26 02:13:17 PST 2005

Hello. How do you all feel about replacing inetutils with netkit-base? 
Personally the only thing I need in inetutils is ping(8). Netkit-base's ping 
is gcc4 and uclibc friendly, and much less to maintain. Netkit-base also 
comes with inetd, but we don't need to install that.

Inetutils also comes with ftp and telnet clients, which can be usefull, but 
better ones exist in other packages. rcp. rlogin, rsh are discouraged and 
replaced by openssh. talk and tftp aren't widely used, and can also be 
replaced by other packages. Note that netkit-* replaces much of these.


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