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Fri Mar 25 07:20:42 PST 2005

On three separate builds of HLFS using the 20050320 Book I have managed to 
get as far as the Chapter 6 build of GCC which builds a compiler that 
cannot compile statics. Every static compile using Chapter 6 gcc fails 
with and SSP error at __do_global_ctors_aux. In each case I verified that 
every step was followed exactly as described in the book.

The starting system is LFS 6.0, gcc 3.2. The host system is a Pentium 4 
(630, 2MB L2 cache, 3.0 GHz).

Both GCC builds in Chapter 5 work fine and all tests including Binutils 
and Glibc in Chapters 5 and 6 work as expected. I'm not a compiler person 
but I  can't help but conclude that the second pass GCC with the hardened 
specs cannot properly compile the Chapter 6 GCC.

Has anyone else actually built the current SVN book staring with LFS 6.0?

Can anyone suggest why this should happen  consistently?

Is the Chapter 6 GCC really necessary for a hardened system or can the 
second build of GCC from Chapter 5 suffice?

Sean McLinden

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