gcc-3.4.3-ssp-3.patch offset patches?

mclinden at informed.net mclinden at informed.net
Thu Mar 24 09:28:40 PST 2005

I'm trying to track down the problem described, previously, with static 
compiles in an HLFS implementation and am retracing the steps in the HLFS 
book 20050320. I've seen it on two separate builds and someone has as well 
and I'm trying to determine if there is a subtle problem in the book which 
might explain this.

When I apply the SSP patch to GCC in chapter 5.12, about half of the 
patches are offset by a handful of lines. The text does not suggest that 
this should be expected and I must admit that I get a bit uneasy with 
offset patches of things like the kernel, the compiler, the library or the 

Before I build and potentially smash my GCC I want to understand if these 
offsets are expected? There are no rejections but I remain a bit 

Thanks in advance.

Sean McLinden

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