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pinotj at club-internet.fr pinotj at club-internet.fr
Sun Mar 20 05:28:30 PST 2005

>> Thanks. The psmisc patch is here:
>> http://linuxfromscratch.org/pipermail/patches/2005-March/002161.html
>> The web mirrors haven't updates yet.
>Use this instead, I just sent this to patches@:

Thanks, actually I try to keep up-to-date hlfs patches on my website so people (including me) can have quick access to them. Sometimes, I have to dig a little amongs the mirrors/mailing-list.

Maybe it could be good to cc: the patches submission to the hlfs-book mailing-list. What people think about that ? It could have same benefits as for the svn changes, mean easily find back every patches in case of problem.

About the kernel, that's right that the 2.6.11.x are released very often (5 in 18 days). This makes much work to maintain patches. On the other hand, sticking with is not wonderfull. The minor releases add critical patches and waiting for 2.6.12 in maybe one month or more is too long time. Moreover, it will give more work to adapt the patches from 2.6.11 to 2.6.12 in one shot.

So I suggest we update kernel and related book pages/patches only one time in 2 weeks or every 5 minor releases.

What do you think ?

Jerome Pinot

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