2.6.11.x kernel

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Mar 16 14:58:57 PST 2005

Robert Connolly wrote:
> This 2.6.11.x series is a mess.

I thought that series was looking quite good myself.

> The -as branch is still following 2.6.10. 
> Grsecurity is patching against 2.6.11 mainline. is the latest,

The differences between 2.6.11 mainline and 2.6.11.x shouldn't be too 
big, but then I don't know how big the grsecurity patch is so can't 
comment (and have no experience on) how often conflicts may occur 
between the two.

> And lfs-unstable is still suggesting we use the security fix for the 
> capabilities module, which is only partially fixed in

Actually, that text got removed today as we didn't think the patch was 

> I also noticed glibc's testsuite has a couple test failures because of changed 
> in 2.6.11 kernel and headers. This issue was reported to libc-hackers over a 
> month ago and has yet to be resolved.

Why am I not surprised :(

> headers also breaks iptables build. Hopefully the linux-libc-headers 
> folks will fix that soon.

Ouch.  The linux-libc-headers maintainer is pretty quick to sort stuff 
out, assuming someone has reported the breakage to him.



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