Stack smashing attack in statically compiled binaries

Manolis Tzanidakis manolis at
Wed Mar 16 13:54:25 PST 2005

Hello all,
I' ve just finished building an hlfs system based on
SVN-20050310 and I have a problem.
When I compile something statically (even a simple main(){}) and run
it I get the following msg:

prog_name: stack smashing attack in function __do_global_ctors_aux()

I tried building with -fno-stack-protector, -no-pie and even restore
vanilla gcc specs with 'gcc -dumpspecs > $(gcc --print-file specs)'
but still the same.

btw. I omitted removing .a libs during building gcc,glibc,binutils.

These programs I want to build must get statically linked in order to
work correctly so any help will be really appreciated.


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