udev rules

pinotj at club-internet.fr pinotj at club-internet.fr
Tue Mar 15 07:55:21 PST 2005

>> Speaking about udev, the udev-config-3.permissions is missing from the
>> packages/patches book page. Or maybe it will be add shortly ?
>Nope, its there. In chapter 4 packages below the udev package.

I  see, there was some change in the config files for udev. That means the :

-- hlfs-book/{uc,g}libc/chapter06/udev.html --

Udev's configuration is far from ideal by default, so install the configuration files here:

install -m644 ../udev-config-3.permissions \

-- hlfs-book/{uc,g}libc/chapter06/udev.html --

should be corrected to use udev-config-3.rules.


Jerome Pinot

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