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thorsten fly_a320 at gmx.de
Fri Mar 11 09:09:37 PST 2005

Robert Connolly wrote:
> Yes pls. I haven't tried it myself yet. I've been playing with my sound card 
> driver for the last couple days, it makes sound now :)
> If vsftpd or proftpd compile/work with glibc then the unistd patch for 
> linux-headers works. uClibc isn't affected because it recodes/redefines the 
> affected syscalls while glibc uses then directly from the kernel headers. The 
> problem with these packages is from compiling with -fpic btw.
> robert

I tried proftpd, using this commands:

sed -e "s/\$(LDFLAGS)/& -pie/" -i Makefile.in
sed -e "s/\$(CFLAGS)/& -pie -fpie/" -i src/Makefile.in

make, output attached, proftpd built and run w/o hesitation :-) ...

regards thorsten

echo \#define BUILD_STAMP \"`date`\" >include/buildstamp.h
cd lib/ && make lib
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/lib'
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c pr_fnmatch.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c sstrncpy.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c strsep.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c vsnprintf.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c glibc-glob.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c glibc-hstrerror.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c glibc-mkstemp.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c pr-syslog.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c pwgrent.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c getopt.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c getopt1.c
ar rc libsupp.a pr_fnmatch.o sstrncpy.o strsep.o vsnprintf.o 
glibc-glob.o glibc-hstrerror.o glibc-mkstemp.o pr-syslog.o pwgrent.o 
getopt.o getopt1.o
ranlib libsupp.a
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/lib'
cd src/ && make src
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/src'
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c main.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c timers.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c sets.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c pool.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c regexp.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c dirtree.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c support.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c netaddr.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c inet.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c child.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c log.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c xferlog.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c bindings.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c netacl.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c class.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c scoreboard.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c help.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c feat.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c netio.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c response.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c ident.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c data.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c modules.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c auth.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c fsio.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c mkhome.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c ctrls.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c event.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -pie -fpie -c ftpdctl.c
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/src'
cd modules/ && make modules
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/modules'
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_core.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_xfer.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_auth_unix.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_auth_file.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_auth.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_ls.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_log.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_site.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c mod_cap.c
srcdir=. ./glue.sh mod_core.o mod_xfer.o mod_auth_unix.o mod_auth_file.o 
mod_auth.o mod_ls.o mod_log.o mod_site.o  mod_cap.o
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c module_glue.c
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/modules'
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/lib/libcap'
=> making cap_names.c from <linux/capability.h>
cc -O2 -Wall -Llib  _makenames.c -o _makenames
./_makenames > cap_names.h
cc -O2 -Wall -c cap_alloc.c -o cap_alloc.o
cc -O2 -Wall -c cap_proc.c -o cap_proc.o
cc -O2 -Wall -c cap_extint.c -o cap_extint.o
cc -O2 -Wall -c cap_flag.c -o cap_flag.o
cc -O2 -Wall -c cap_text.c -o cap_text.o
cc -O2 -Wall -c cap_sys.c -o cap_sys.o
ar rcu libcap.a cap_alloc.o cap_proc.o cap_extint.o cap_flag.o 
cap_text.o cap_sys.o
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/lib/libcap'
gcc -Llib  -pie -o proftpd src/main.o src/timers.o src/sets.o src/pool.o 
src/regexp.o src/dirtree.o src/support.o src/netaddr.o src/inet.o 
src/child.o src/log.o src/xferlog.o src/bindings.o src/netacl.o 
src/class.o src/scoreboard.o src/help.o src/feat.o src/netio.o 
src/response.o src/ident.o src/data.o src/modules.o src/auth.o 
src/fsio.o src/mkhome.o src/ctrls.o src/event.o modules/mod_core.o 
modules/mod_xfer.o modules/mod_auth_unix.o modules/mod_auth_file.o 
modules/mod_auth.o modules/mod_ls.o modules/mod_log.o modules/mod_site.o 
modules/mod_cap.o  modules/module_glue.o -lsupp -lcrypt  -Llib/libcap -lcap
cd utils/ && make utils
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/utils'
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c ftpcount.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c scoreboard.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c ftpshut.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c ftptop.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c ftpwho.c
gcc  -DLINUX  -I.. -I../include  -O2 -Wall -c misc.c
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/proftpd-1.2.10/utils'
gcc -Llib  -pie -o ftpcount utils/ftpcount.o utils/scoreboard.o
gcc -Llib  -pie -o ftpdctl src/ftpdctl.o src/pool.o src/netaddr.o 
src/log.o src/ctrls.o -lsupp -lcrypt  -Llib/libcap -lcap
gcc -Llib  -pie -o ftpshut utils/ftpshut.o
gcc -Llib  -pie -o ftptop utils/ftptop.o utils/scoreboard.o -lncurses -lsupp
gcc -Llib  -pie -o ftpwho utils/ftpwho.o utils/scoreboard.o utils/misc.o 

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