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Wed Mar 9 01:05:23 PST 2005

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On 2005-03-09 16:54:24 +0800 Robert Connolly
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> On the "grsecurity support" forum on the grsecurity site there is a 
> post 
> describing that the PaX project is being abandoned on April 1st. It 
> sounds 
> like the team is embarrassed about the last vulnerability and wants 
> to give 
> up. No one supports the idea but I don't know if its enough to change 
> their 
> minds. There is at least one person offering to takeover the project. 
> I'm 
> sure the grsecurity team wants to keep the PaX features too. I don't 
> think 
> there's anything I can offer them to help.
> I don't think it will come to it, but if we have no other option 
> there is 
> still the exec-shield. We'll see how it goes. I think its too early 
> to panic 
> or make plans. I just wanted to inform you all so there's no 
> surprises.
> robert

Its too early for April Fool's yet.

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