Robert Connolly robert at
Sun Jun 19 15:35:09 PDT 2005

Hi. I tried to build the pseudo_random/frandom patch on linux-2.6.12.rc6-mm1, 
and while the patch applied cleanly there is an undefined refference to 
"class_simple_create" and "class_simple_device_add".

The new kernel has removed drivers/base/class_simple.c and replaced it with 

I had to modify three lines in drivers/char/frandom.c to get it to build:

- static struct class_simple *frandom_class;
+ static struct class *frandom_class;

- frandom_class = class_simple_create(THIS_MODULE, "frandom");
+ frandom_class = class_create(THIS_MODULE, "frandom");

- class_simple_device_add(frandom_class,
+ class_device_create(frandom_class,

I sent linux-2.6.12-pseudo_random-1.patch to patches@ so it can be tested in 
advance.. it should apply and work whenever the 2.6.12 kernel is released.

BTW, if you are using linux-2.6.12-rc6-mm1, the pseudo_random patch needs to 
be applied before the rc6 and mm1 patches or else some parts won't apply.


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