Shadow 2.0.9 (uClibc)

Joshua Murphy poisonbl at
Thu Jun 16 18:38:46 PDT 2005

> The unstable readable online says to use Shadow version 2.0.9, and
> requires the patches that only exist for 2.0.7 and before ... 
> ...
> ... as for the other patch -
> "fix_lastlog" - it appears to already be fixed in 2.0.9 (it lines up
> exactly with the patch) ... 

ummm, just looked at the required patches page and it doesn't even
lost the uclibc patch for Shadow ... though the build page does ...
the fix-lastlog doesn't appear anywhere ... i just had all of them for
2.0.7 because i pulled all of patches down locally as soon as archaic
had the gcc patches updated ...

Poison [BLX]
Joshua M. Murphy

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