Shadow 2.0.9 (uClibc)

Joshua Murphy poisonbl at
Thu Jun 16 18:31:19 PDT 2005

Hi, i'm building HLFS unstable (uClibc) and have gotten along
reasonably well, most problems i've had were trying to get gcc patches
that were being updated at the time (fixed) and a stupid typo here and
there on the command line ... but then i ran into this one ...

The unstable readable online says to use Shadow version 2.0.9, and
requires the patches that only exist for 2.0.7 and before ... the file
the uclibc patch refers to no longer exists, but the function it
patches is now in src/login_nopam.c and lines up perfectly with the
changes in the patch (applied manually in vim) ... i was wondering if
it was still required? i haven't attempted building, as i'd hate to
kill my install, having made it this far ... as for the other patch -
"fix_lastlog" - it appears to already be fixed in 2.0.9 (it lines up
exactly with the patch) ... ahh well, i'm building now, i'll reply to
this after to tell of any immediate breakage or not ...

Poison [BLX]
Joshua M. Murphy

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