Unable to attach to shared memory segment

mclinden at informed.net mclinden at informed.net
Wed Jun 8 07:01:46 PDT 2005

I'm noticing a problem with an Oracle installation on a grsec enable kernel
which may be due to grsec, namely, that when I do a base install of Oracle,
it fails with an error "Unable to attach to share memory segments".

The Oracle Release notes indicate that this is most often caused by
misconfiguration of the SHMMAX, but I've changed the kernel to their
specifications and it still fails. I have also disabled all grsec options
that are configurable with sysctl, and this seems to have no effect. I've
configured the kernel according to the instructions in the most recent LFS

Can anyone suggest whether a different kernel option for the PAX/Grsecurity
kernel might address this. I would rather not disable Grsecurity, entirely.


Sean McLinden
Allegheny County Health Department

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