encrypted disc hint

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jun 5 04:30:44 PDT 2005

How do you guys feel about adding support for encrypting disks to the book? I 
know not everyone will use it, maybe some xml magic can help. I foresee four 
	Green (Low) - Encrypt swap only
	Yellow (Medium) - Encrypt swap, /tmp, /var/tmp, /home, and backup media
	Orange (High) - Encrypt everything
	Red (Tinfoil helmet) - Encrypt everything and make it deniable

Also, orange and red require booting from removable media. I'm going to work 
on installing uClibc to /usr/i386-pc-linux-uclibc so that Glibc users can 
make smaller initrd's.


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