stupid newbie question

Jaap Struyk japie at
Sun Jul 31 09:01:12 PDT 2005

Op za 30-07-2005, om 20:54 schreef Robert Connolly:

> In the makefile find the -DASM parts in the cflags and remove them.

Thank you, I followed the blfs book but removed -DASMV from zip-2.31 and
-DASM_CRC from unzip-5.52, both seem to work fine.

> Assembly can be recoded to be position independent code (pic), but often it is 
> coded for performance instead. In graphical applications I noticed mmx 
> assembly is quite often not position independent, but sometimes it can be. 

Is there a way to check if something I compiled is pic?
I like to follow the blfs book, but how can I tell that jpeglib (or
something else) is working properly? (a binairy is runable, so if it's
non-pic it will bail out like unzip did)

> Sometimes programmers decide performance is more important than 
> shared memory (and standards). On some architectures they can't get away with 
> it.

I do understand the feeling they have, currently I'am building a (small)
tractor-puller, and for us performance is also more important than
following standards. (sorry)
Glad where not driving on a PaX-track ;-)
Groetjes Japie

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