'kdm' is not installed with kdebase

randhir phagura rsphagura at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 28 06:18:39 PDT 2005

Hi Roberts,

On 27 Jul 2005 21:21:33 Robert Connolly wrote:

>When xorg is compiled find libXau.a and libXdmcp.a. Try something like 
>mkdir /tmp/tmpstuff
>cd /tmp/tmpstuff
>ar -x /path/to/libXau.a
>gcc -shared -o libXau.so *.o
>install libXau.so /usr/X11R6/lib
>and repeat that with libXdmcp.a (after clearing the tmpstuff directory). 
>The 'ar -x' will disassemble the static library and output the object 
>files, gcc will relink them as a shared object. Then hack kdebase to use 
>libXau.so, if needed

I coppied these two '.a' files from another HLFS system i was preparing for 
home and installed
kdebase-3.4.1. It worked and kdm was installed this time. I have now deleted 
these '.a' files again.
So far, there is no ill-effect is visible. Will report.

I am not sure how tohack kdebase if required.


Randhir Phagura

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