ssp in mainline

mclinden at mclinden at
Sat Jul 16 11:36:43 PDT 2005

> So, I don't think gcc-4.0 will have ssp. 

It doesn't, as of now.

> I was looking forward to gcc4 for the 
> libmudflap feature, but because of the 
> ssp issue, and for general stability, 
> I suppose HLFS should stay with gcc3 until 
> gcc-4.1 releases.

Yes. I have identified to the GCC bugzilla at least a few significant 
problems compiling the kernel 2.6.x with GCC 4.0; a couple are real deal 
breakers but wouldn't, necessarily, appear unless you were thoroughly 
testing all possible kernel options. I have managed to build a complete 
HLFS distro with GCC 4.0 (without SSP patches) including everything EXCEPT 
the kernel (where I resorted to using the latest GCC 3).

So my recommendation would be to wait until some of the bugs in the GCC 4 
series are worked out.


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