ssp in mainline

Robert Connolly robert at
Fri Jul 15 19:29:51 PDT 2005

According to what I read in:
it looks like ssp should be, or is, in gcc-4.1. It sounds like it was reworked 
by Redhat to work with gcc4, and that the maintainer from IBM doesn't want to 
maintain, or fix, it for gcc4.

So, I don't think gcc-4.0 will have ssp. I was looking forward to gcc4 for the 
libmudflap feature, but because of the ssp issue, and for general stability, 
I suppose HLFS should stay with gcc3 until gcc-4.1 releases.

It's feasible to backport the gcc-4.1 ssp commits to gcc-4.0, if someone finds 
the time to do it.

Anyone have comments?


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