Chapter 6 - glibc

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Mon Jan 31 12:17:36 PST 2005

t_b at wrote:
> It is not that I want linuxthreads.  Just following the book instructions and reporting the results.  Perhaps the lines:
>      # Then install the man pages.
>      make -C ../glibc-2.3.4/linuxthreads/man &&
>      make -C ../glibc-2.3.4/linuxthreads/man install
> should be removed from the build instructions for glibc in chapter 6.

This was reported to me in IRC yesterday.  I've updated the glibc bug 
( to keep track - 
essentially we will be using the linuxthreads tarball so we can install 
the threading documentation.  The '--enable-addons' instruction tells 
glibc to build any addons it finds - as it finds NPTL and linuxthreads, 
./configure figures out that NPTL is preferred so uses that...apparently!



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