sysklogd priv seperation

Bennett Todd bet at
Sun Jan 23 12:47:25 PST 2005

2005-01-23T20:36:29 Heiko Zuerker:
> Archaic wrote:
> >Also, what is hard about running a log server on another box?
> The problem is when you're going outside of a corporate
> environment, i.e. home users. Home users won't run a log host at
> home, because it's too loud, too expensive, is an overkill etc.

There are home users, and then there are home users.

The casual home user who doesn't care about these issues isn't a
customer for HLFS, or at least so I'd judge.

The home users who might be interested in HLFS may already have, or
be willing to acquire, several spare boxes for custom-purpose
servers. I collect old junker laptops for just such.

And VMs are the coming thing; Xen is pulling a lot of press, and
qemu has been used to make a cute little run-anywhere
distro-on-keyfob. One of these days I'm planning on playing with
qemu, it looks to hit a sweet spot of complexity -vs- functionality,
at least as best I can see. I expect to be running as many
completely distinct purpose-built servers as I can find any use for.

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