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Sat Jan 22 07:56:24 PST 2005

Author: robert
Date: 2005-01-22 08:56:24 -0700 (Sat, 22 Jan 2005)
New Revision: 122

add w/ gnu-ld to e2fsprogs. cleared changelog until the 0.2 milestone.

Modified: trunk/text/chapter01/changelog.txt
--- trunk/text/chapter01/changelog.txt	2005-01-22 10:30:05 UTC (rev 121)
+++ trunk/text/chapter01/changelog.txt	2005-01-22 15:56:24 UTC (rev 122)
@@ -1,105 +1,3 @@
-November 28th, 2004 [Robert] Added uClibc, ProPolice Stack Protector,
-PaX, Grsecurity, Position Independent Executable (PIE) tool chain,
-and Frandom Random Number Suite. Used LFS-unstable-20041127 as a base.
-Added uClibc patches for GCC, Binutils, Tar, Perl, and Shadow.
-Added SSP patch for GCC, and stack_protector.c file for uClibc.
-Added piespecs patch for GCC, and fpic patch for Util-linux.
-Added frandom patch for Linux kernel 2.6.7. Added Grsec patch for kernel.
-Added frandom patch for linux-libc-headers.
-Make Gzip use DEFS=NO_ASM so it builds without text relocation.
-Statically link Coreutils, Bash, Udev, Util-linux, and Grub, so the system
-can function if libc.so is damaged.
-Set HLFS version to 0.1-release.
-December 5th, 2004 [Robert]
-Created chapter02 and added pie and ssp pages. Upgrade file to 4.12.
-Upgrade grep to 2.5.1a. Upgrade iana-etc to 1.03. Upgrade udev to 046.
-Added Tcl 8.4.8 to chapter 5. Added Expect 5.42.1 to chapter 5.
-Added DejaGNU 1.4.4 to chapter 5. Added place marker for Gettext to
-chapter 5 (not yet to chapter 6). Fixed the stripping commands in
-chapter 5. Added build and install for ldd, ldconfig, and iconv in
-chapter 6's uclibc.txt. Added coreutils-static_uname patch, this passes
-the -static cflags and ldflag only to uname; this is a work around to the
-non-pic asm code in the uname patch. Offer two choices for building
-Coreutils in chapter 6, either statically linked or dynamically linked.
-Started to put 'make check' back into various packages, if the results
-are terrible then the tests are skipped for now. Added instructions to
-install Bash three different ways in chapter 6; either static and shared,
-just static, or just shared. Adjust pwdgroup.txt in chapter 6 to use
-/bin/sh for root's shell. Added optional instructions to link Vim statically.
-Removed --disable-nls from a few places it didn't belong (Perl, Zlib).
-Added static linking optional instructions for Udev and Util-linux.
-Added blfs-bootscripts and frandom patch to chapter 7's lfsbootscripts.txt,
-with commands to install an initial random-seed. Upgrade to tcl-8.4.9.
-Added /tools/cross to strip command in chapter 5. Substitute "i386" with
-"$(uname -m)" for the tool chain. Upgrade to Util-linux 2.12j.
-December 6th, 2004 [Robert]
-Upgrade to Perl 5.8.6. Add --libdir to Readline and Zlib. Fix symlink for
-libz.so in zlib.txt. Adjusted commands in hotplug.txt to modify Makefile
-instead of using rm(1) after 'make install'. Modified --libdir in Shadow
-to use /lib.
-December 8th, 2004 [Robert]
-Up to Binutils, added tls/strip patch. Adjusted chapter 8
-kernel.txt to use more unified names for system.map, config file, and
-kernel file (better for dual booting). Upgrade to udev-047. Upgrade to
-findutils 4.2.10. Upgrade lfs-bootscripts to 3.0-rc1 (beta). Fixed up
-patches.txt. Added sed to adjust GCC version and bug report output.
-Added patch to iproute2 because of new Findutils version. Moved chapter 7's
-contents into chapter 8.
-December 9th, 2004 [Robert]
-Up to lfs-bootscripts-3.0 (release). Added /etc/ld.so.conf. Added /etc/TZ.
-Undid libdir=/lib in Shadow temporarily.
-December 19th, 2004 [Robert]
-Added a fix in chapter 8 kernel page to install unaligned.h, which is not
-included in linux-libc-headers-; this is fixed in newer versions.
-Move all of chapter 8 to chapter 7, this is more suitable, chapter 8 will
-be used for beyond hlfs packages. Added an suid page to chapter 7.
-December 31st, 2004 [Robert]
-New tool chain build method. Dropped native pass2's. Added Glibc as optional,
-from cvs 20041220. Up to binutils-, removed fix_strip patch. Up to
-linux-libc-headers- Tcl, gawk, bash, and perl pie bugs have
-disappeared. New sspspecs patch, finally fixed cc1plus spec so it works.
-Adding ${disable_nls} to all packages, expands to --disable shared for uClibc,
-optional with Glibc. Upgrade uClibc to 2004-12-27 snapshot, many fixes and
-some new additions (relro, now, new security submenu); new uClibc config patch
-to match. Upgrade Tar to 1.15.1, the uClibc Tar patch is no longer needed.
-Added /tools/{,share/} and /tools/sbin to chapter 5's stripping.txt. Upgrade
-to man-pages 2.01. Add kernel-headers page to chapter 6. Upgrade to Bison-2.0.
-January 4rth, 2005 [Robert]
-Made patches.txt alphabetical, and added links to new hlfs patch directory.
-Upgrade to kernel 2.6.10, added security fix patch; added security patch for
-Vim. Added util-linux-2.12p cramfs patch. Removed sspspecs and piespecs
-patches, replaced with perl and echo commands. Up to automake-1.9.4. Up to
-January 5th, 2005 [Robert]
-libgcc.so in chapter 6 builds with -fstack-protector-all!!!
-January 7th, 2005 [Robert]
-Bump to Texinfo 4.8, removed segfault patch. Bump to Findutils 4.2.11.
-Put a Gettext page in chapter 6. Added new Grsec patch for kernel 2.6.10.
-Removed /opt from createdirs.txt, nothing uses it, /usr/local does same thing.
-Removed /media from createdirs.txt, nothing uses it, /mnt does same thing.
-Removed /srv from createdirs.txt, nothing uses it, /var does same thing.
-Upgrade to bash-fixes-3.patch.
-January 8th, 2005 [Robert]
-Spell checked.
-January 9th, 2005 [Robert]
-Bump linux-libc-headers to 2.6.10. Added aboutlfs.txt page to chapter 4.
-New grsec patch version. Released 0.2-pre1. Up to man-1.5p.
-January 12th, 2005 [Robert]
-Bump to uClibc-0.9.27. Took the static linking options out for coreutils, etc.
-Upgrade to iproute2-2.6.10-ss050112.
 January 15th, 2005 [Robert]
 Released 0.2.
@@ -117,3 +15,7 @@
 Added rdate to chapter 9, and bootscripts. Using ldflags=-pie works better
 than cflags in chap6 gcc. Added with-random=erandom to mktemp's configure.
+January 21st, 2005 [Robert]
+Added --with-gnu-ld to e2fsprogs to deal with broken configure script, this
+is only a cosmetic issue.

Modified: trunk/text/chapter06/42-e2fsprogs.txt
--- trunk/text/chapter06/42-e2fsprogs.txt	2005-01-22 10:30:05 UTC (rev 121)
+++ trunk/text/chapter06/42-e2fsprogs.txt	2005-01-22 15:56:24 UTC (rev 122)
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
 - Chapter 6 - Installing E2fsprogs 1.35
-# e2fsck is the only critical program in this package, and it is linked
-# statically by default. Therefore there is no need to have a static
-# option for this package.
+# --with-gnu-ld is added because the configure script seems to think
+# we are not using GNU ld. Its only a cosmetic issue.
-install -d build &&
+mkdir build &&
 cd build &&
 ../configure --prefix=/usr --with-root-prefix="" \
-	--enable-elf-shlibs --disable-evms ${disable_nls} &&
+	--enable-elf-shlibs --disable-evms \
+	--with-gnu-ld ${disable_nls} &&
 # Run the test suite if you like. All the tests should pass.

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